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  • It is risky to rent a yacht far from home if you are not a wise professional.  You need the advice from someone experienced and independent.  
  • We meet regularly the yacht owners, crew and base managers. We know the yachts state, their maintenance and even sail them ourselves.
  • We work regularly with the owners and companies for which we are serious dealers.
  • We collect various offers, analyze them for you and show them clearly and completely.
    - No surprise on the spot, our prices show all the expenses you could face.
  • We help you efficiently in your choices thanks to our knowledge of the field. We can act efficiently, 7/7days to give you a support during your cruise.
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Croisieres aux Antilles, voile aux Antilles, location de voiliers aux Antilles New!  Green cape, Azores islands  ask us
Sail - Cruise The Caribbean
Paradise of sailing and diving especially in the wintertime, we offer in the the Caribbean sea various sailing cruises from the following bases:

The British Virgin Islands at Tortola, St Martin island, the French Guadeloupe archipelago, French Martinique and the Grenadines, Santa Lucia, St Vincent of the Grenadines.
The West Indies have pleasant weather condition all year round thanks to the trade winds except a short hurricane period after August.

Tortola Saint Martin Guadeloupe Martinique

Sail the Mediterranean sea:

A sailing cruise that mixes yachting, magnificent nature and culture. We sail in
Italy Sardinia and Sicily, Corsica, France, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Turkey for more than 30 years. The best sailing areas in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bases in the Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Dalmatian, Ionian, Aegean sea.

Mediterranean Cruises and Sail
Italy cruise

Corsica cruise

Croatia cruise Greece cruise Turkey cruise

Sail exotic destinations:

sailing the indian ocean

Malaysia cruise Seychelles cruise Thailand cruise