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categories and 2 cruise styles

Yachts with crew in Greece and Turkey Bare boats for hire with a Skipper/Guide
Crewed catamaran     


A budget combination of sailing yachts for hire and good skippers, cooks.



You dream about freedom, wide open spaces, adventure and discovery...
A sailing cruise, an ecological, independent exciting way to visit a maritime country especially when the climate helps!   It is also a very comfortable home taking place of a hotel, mean of transportation, restaurant, and various activities as swimming, diving, windsurfing, sailing practice if you want it.


We believe that the succes of a cruise depends mostly on the skipper. Even if you have some knowledge in navigation, you can count on your good friend skipper guide PASSION, a very experienced man that will free your spirit and responsability at sea and on earth.

Give mom a break, take a cook along! 

With crew